Extractor Lamp: Design Lamp & Hood combined!

Extractor Lamps

Is it a designer lamp? Or is it a hood? It is both lamp and hood! With the introduction of our Extractor Lamps, Wave Design sets a new standard in kitchen appliances. These treasures from our collection are the final proof that beauty and ease of use go together. The Extractor Lamp may be seen. Our designers have developed some brilliant models for above your kitchen island. Using our eye for aesthetics and beautiful lighting, but also focusing on optimum performance. The ideal distance between the hob and extraction ensures that odors do not get a chance to spread. Wave Extractor Lamps give the final push needed to transform your kitchen into an elegant living space. Both Innovative and impressive, our hoods are really the icing on the cake.

Leather hood

When designing new hoods, Wave Design is happy to cooperate with creative minds from other sectors. This leads to surprising co-creations. With Cools Coverings we developed a leather exterior for some of our Extractor Lamps, such as the 2610 and 2617 hoods.

Handmade in Italy

Designed in Netherlands

Design Lamp & Hood combined

Collection Extractor Lamps

The kitchen has been transformed in the past 10 years. First, it was just a separate room, now the kitchen is a main part of the living area. Naturally, this has consequences for the requirements the equipment must comply with. The demand for extractor fans that can be incorporated into the ceiling or worktop has increased significantly. As a result of years of experience with these products, the available designs are of exceptional quality. In 2014, WKP set a new trend by introducing a new kind of extractor fan at (inter)national exhibitions. After the introduction of lamp-like island models with an integrated Plasmafilter, the demand increased significantly. Not surprisingly, as the new models fulfil the need for design, optimum odour removal and energy-efficiency. The extractor fan no longer needs to be tucked away!

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2610 Extractor Lamp